Importing and Exporting PostgreSQL Databases

The pg_restore and pg_dump utilities are essential for working with PostgreSQL databases. Here's a quick summary of their usage:

Debugging Flutter with the Dart Observatory

Ever notice the Observatory debugger and profiler when running a Flutter app? Here's a video showing how to access it.

Say Ahoy and Adios to Processes on Your Ports

Got something running on your machine that is no longer required and want to free up the port? Here's how:

Image Processing Devilry

ImageMagick is great for batch processing images using the command line.

Living Dangerously with Node Package Manager

Getting an "EACCES: permission denied" error when trying to install a Node package, and sudo'ing it is not enough because it's actually a pre- or post-install script that's causing the issue? Add the unsafe-perm flag

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