Image Processing Devilry II

Time for some more ImageMagick.

So you want an e-commerce website with phone apps to go with it?

Let me show you how to set it up with this complete starter solution in under an hour for free.

Specify the Java Version for Maven

Need to run some Java with Maven, but it's throwing errors? If you suspect you're using the wrong version, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Flutter Routing with MobX

Getting routing in Flutter right comes with many pitfalls. One of the best examples I've seen comes from Andrea Bizzotto, in his article Flutter Case Study: Multiple Navigators with BottomNavigationBar, with credits to Brian Egan for his idea to use a Stack with Offstage widgets.

Sublime Editor Config

I love Sublime Text: It's cross-platform, and if you need to work with a new technology, you just install the package.

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