Bust Out a C++ Setup

Here's a quick and easy way to set up a C++ development environment on Debian GNU/Linux.

Create a Custom Arch Linux Installer

Here's how to create a custom Arch Linux installer disk image on a USB drive, with various installation packages.

Run Arch Linux on a MacBook

Here's what I did to get Arch Linux (2020.12.01 release) running on a MacBook Air (2015 model), and how to get it running on any MacBook or machine with a Broadcom wireless network card, or some other proprietary network card, and also how to simply install it as a virtual machine.

Need to do a bit of coding on-the-go?

Grab the LibTerm app (free and open source) or Blink Shell app (paid but also open source) for your iOS device, or a terminal app for your Android device, grab a Bluetooth keyboard, and SSH into an Amazon Web Services virtual machine or into IBM Cloud.

Create a 2D Game for Mobile, Desktop and the Web

Let's create a very simple 2D platformer game with Godot.

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